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Entries From My First Guestbook

Before I decided to open an account with Bravenet, I had signed with another provider of website guestbooks. I've since cancelled the first account, but I have retained all the entries from the earlier guestbook--with the exception of the first entry submitted by yours truly urging people to come and sign it--and transferred them here for you (and me) to enjoy.

To view and/or sign my current Bravenet guestbook, or get one of your own, just scroll to the bottom of this page where the appropriate links are provided.

Name: Chris Wax (
From: Unknown
Dear DP,
Got a real blast out ofyour department store site. It reminded me of when I was younger and used to shop (in the north east) at places like "Two Guys", Mays (not May Company), Alexander's, Great Eastern and W.T. Grant ("Grant City"). But alas those days are gone.... If you haven't heard of those stores, they were very much like the stores you mentioned, all offering decent bargains with a minimal of "atmosphere" (and in the case of Alexander's, "department store" panache" and really good stuff.). Nice to see that there are still value minded shoppers with a sense of nostalgia out there. Chris
22 Jan 2001 21:31:14 GMT

Name: Alex (
From: Unknown
I share your fascination--paraphilia--with this type of hair style. You seem to like the big curly top, but I like the smooth bubble/ crown look. Smooth and sixties-like. Annette F. was a goddess. I've never seen her in the hairdo you show in your picture. Where is that from? Love hair. Love your site!
11:44 PM 00/12/30

NOTE: These first two messages weren't actually guestbook entries--they were e-mail messages sent to my old address. I just put them here myself to save them. Actual guestbook entries follow.--D.P.J.

Name: Carol Jeffrey McNeely
From: Huntington,WV/Wheelersburg,OH
Like your page. I wanted a Cabbage Patch 2000 baby doll for Christmas; got a new scanner and a $300 wedding band. Go figure. Carol Jeffrey McNeely
10:30:52 99/12/26

Name: Jodie
From: Tn
Thank you for coming to my place and looking around. I love how you used the flowerline! I really enjoyed you beauty and the bouffant page!! It was informative! Keep up the good work!!!
22:01:09 99/10/22

Name: Gil Turley
From: Huntsville, AL
Home: http://
I can't believe I found a Good Guys web site. It's one of my all time favorites. The Birmingham affiliate didn't carry it, so like yourself, I only saw the show when I was visiting other states. Believe it or not, I also saw The Good Guys while on a family vacation in Florida (Daytona Beach).
02:47:45 99/10/19

Name: Ann
From: Illinois, originally Iowa
Greeting from a fellow Iowan, I'm from Davenport. I loved your pages. You chose interesting subjects and I like your sense of humor. Thanks for signing my guestbook. :-)
18:59:47 99/10/17

Name: Jon Hobden
From: DFW, TX
I loved your info about The Good Guys. Herb Edelman also starred in a Sat. morning sitcom on NBC called Big John, Little John, which was one of my favorite Sat. morning shows when it was on during the 1976-77 season.
02:51:50 99/10/08

Name: Jim Lynch
From: St. Louis, Mo.
Hi David, I really enjoyed visiting your Home Page. I especially liked your pages on the "Good Guys". Keep the faith, it might show up on Nick at Nite. Just about everything else has. Why don't you drop them a line? I'll be back to see your page on the old discount stores.
20:43:46 99/10/07

Name: john knapp
From: medina NY
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18:35:17 99/09/30

Name: Mike Smith
From: Tonkawa, Oklahoma
Home: http://
I enjoy your site. And, I do love Christine Michelle, as well! Do you have any videos of her performences that you appeared in? I should love to see them!
15:39:10 99/09/29

Name: Kathy
From: Florida
Hi! Enjoyed viewing your pages ~Always Kathy
08:52:20 99/09/28

Name: ~soulmates~
From: Grosse Ile, MI
Hi David, Your off to a good start David. We wrote a long comment on first entry and it seems your guestbook has a character limitation. If you need any assistance drop us a line and we will surely point you in the right direction. ~soulmates~
21:41:56 99/09/11

Name: ~soulmates Mark
Grosse Ile, MI
21:36:22 99/09/11

Name: GP David
From: St Louis
Hi David, I know what you mean about people not signing your guessbook. What I do is go into it myself and forge other people's names.~~LOL~~Who can tell? Your site looks good but not quite as good as that blonde of the 80's. If you tell me what kind of gifs you are looking for I'm sure I can put you on the right path of finding them. GP David
19:11:31 99/09/11

Name: msspiffy
From: washington state
Hi - came to see your homepages. nice work. I'd be interested in your telling about your experience with the hypnotist !! seen on tv. keep up the good work. nice photos Ms SPiffy
15:45:13 99/09/11

Name: Greg
From: North Carolina
WOW I am totally jealous. Ann Landers she is so hot or at least was. Keep up the good work and before long you will have those 3megs webtv gives you all filled up and be needing to move :> )
15:20:05 99/09/11

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